Working on the economics of social policy

After going back to university and then a stint in London (think tanks and the public sector), I’m back in Cambridge (UK), working in research consultancy at Cambridge Econometrics. My current focus is the economic analysis of issues in social policy.

I’ve got a wide brief but, within that, I have particular interests in health and social care; and (in)equality, including the role of a 21st century welfare system.

Thinking about applied macroeconomics

My main academic interest at university was macroeconomics, at a time when the (hubristic) consensus view was that the state of macro was good. However, not long after graduating, the Great Recession came. Macro was, and is, still deadly.

I’ve looked at aspects of the Great Recession in a professional context and maintain a longstanding interest in the tools (frameworks, techniques and models) by which we assess the state or health of an economy. I’m especially interested in accounting frameworks with which to understand the combined real and financial economy, as practised by the late Wynne Godley.

Trying to read more fiction

I spent most of my 20s thinking I always had to be reading ‘serious’ non-fiction. I’m now addressing that in my 30s by also reading a mix of classic and contemporary fiction. It turns out that this is a much better way for me to wind down at the end of the day. A friend tells me that neither of these counts, though.