The 2016/17 season of the Premier League finished in May and the 2017/18 season is now underway. The final heatmap of the 2016/17 season is below. (Other than the switch to a single-colour gradient, the principles are the same as for the 2014/15 and 2015/16 season heatmaps.)

Reading across the top row, Chelsea’s impressive season is clear. Chelsea beat 12 teams both home and away, including Manchester City. Chelsea also won at least once against every other team except for Liverpool. Despite winning the league by seven points, the loss (at home in September) and draw (away in January) to Liverpool explains Chelsea’s second place by PageRank.

Among the top four in the final table, Liverpool’s strong performance (securing a win and a draw against each of the other three teams) is striking, as is Manchester City’s poor performance (failing to beat any of the other three teams). This reinforces Liverpool’s apparent strength by PageRank over the season but what kept City above Liverpool on points was better performance against the weaker teams, particularly those in the bottom half. Liverpool couldn’t pick up what should’ve been the easier points.

Last year’s champions, Leicester City, ended the season in twelfth place. Leicester only won three matches against an eventual top-ten team (Manchester City, Liverpool and West Bromwich Albion). This was a long way from their title-winning track record from the previous year (a year in which Chelsea came tenth).

Interestingly, the PageRank results suggest that thirteenth-placed Stoke City were actually the third-weakest team in the league. This is, of course, little comfort to relegated Hull City, whose 2-0 home win against Liverpool in February was one of just nine wins that season.

Data source: Football-Data