The 2015/16 season of the English Premier League finished yesterday. The final heatmap is below (the one for the 2014/15 season, along with an explanation of how to interpret the heatmap, is here).

From the heatmap, the blemish on Leicester’s record is the failure to take any points off Arsenal. Those results account for two of Leicester’s three losses this season. The other loss was away to Liverpool on Boxing Day.

Among the top teams, Manchester City’s poor performance stands out, with just four wins against the other teams that made up the top half of the table. Even that figure flatters, though, as three of those wins came against ninth-placed Stoke and tenth-placed Chelsea. Put another way, City managed just one win against any rival in the top eight: a home win against Southampton at the end of November. City scraped into fourth place and a spot in the Champions League play-offs. On this sort of domestic form, City have a weak claim to being among the strongest teams in England, let alone Europe.

At the bottom of the table, Aston Villa’s poor performance against, well, just about everyone, is clear. Villa spent much of the season in last place, ending with just 17 points. One place above, Norwich ended with 34 points: twice as many as Villa. While Leicester only lost three matches this season, Villa only won three. Those wins were against teams also far down the table: Crystal Palace (15th), Bournemouth (16th) and Norwich (19th).

Reordered by PageRank, Leicester and Arsenal remain in first and second place, but Tottenham and Man City drop out of the top four. Manchester United and West Ham appear to have stronger claims to Champions League football, as judged by their performance against the top teams. This alternative ranking underlines Man City’s poor performance this season, placing City eighth, outside of both Champions League and Europa League qualification.

Data source: Football-Data